"Be yourself, know your proportions and have a good tailor."

– Rupaul

IRMA ORE Working process

Before the first meeting

We discuss what kind of product you want. The more details you share in the beginning, the more the final product will meet your needs in the end. 

On the first meeting

I will take your body measurements. I will advise you through the entire process of tailoring, helping you to decide on fabric, style, and personalized features.

After the first meeting

According to your measurements, I will make individual patterns and model your own clothing. It is important because we can find out how much fabric we need exactly. After I sew your clothes, I will invite you for the first fitting. 

The first fitting

During this meeting we will check the lengths and proportions of your clothes and make the final decision about details and processing we can use. 

The sewing of the first item can take more time because it is possible that we will need more than one fitting. And since I will already have your own patterns, I will be able to sew the same item of clothing faster if you order again. 

Customers reviews

What people say?

“From the beginning to the end – everything was more than perfect. First of all, she listened to my wishes and allowed to choose from different materials. When I got my skirt made I got surprised. Not only because it fits me well, but also because she thought about all small details such as package and handwritten postcard. It was unexpected and so lovely. I would highly recommend to everyone.”
Ieva V.
Happy client
"It's amazing! The seams are so refined... Perfect! And how everything it's matching! And I can't believe that I have a shirt with a long sleeves, smirked to the ears :)) Thank you! "
Agnė B.

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