I’m IRMA ORE. IRMA is my name and ORE – the abbreviation of my surname and in Lithuanian it means “in the air”, which reflects my dreamy personality side, which often prevails. 

Bespoke tailoring is my passion but it took a long way to understand that.

I grew up in a very small village Bajoraiciai in Lithuania. Already at school I understood the power of clothing when bright red tights helped to attract children’s attention and to get elected as president of my school.

I have made high demands for my clothes since I was a child. To the irritation of my father, I was asking to go round and round the neighbouring towns until I could find clothes that met my style and quality requirements. My grandmother taught me to sew, so I liked to shorten and wear her skirts.

I have always enjoyed the fabrics and their various textures. However, I was amongst the best pupils at school and studying fashion or simply sewing did not appear a “serious” enough choice at the time. Therefore, I chose to study creative but serious things.

At first bioengineering, later I obtained a master’s degree in chemical analysis, and defended my doctoral degree in biomedicine. I studied not only in Lithuania, but also did internships in Germany, Belgium, Finland … I broadened my horizons, I realized that every job can be serious if we take it seriously.

However, I have always felt that I want to do something else. It’s interesting to work in the lab, but I lacked tangible results and interaction with people.

After graduating with a doctorate came the moment of deciding what to do next. And then my future husband, said the decisive words: you can do whatever you want, just be happy. Since then I have started making clothes.

I was grateful to find a highly experienced teacher who helped me to make my first professional steps, I have attended all possible courses, studied individually, and started sewing clothes according to individual measurements. 

After three years of hard work, I have started to work independently and I am proud that my clients wear my clothes as their favorites. My customers enjoy completely original and unique garments, dresses and suits. And there are no limits on wearing bespoke clothes, I even make clothes for TV anchors and presenters. I make clothes by hand on the basis of an individual pattern made specifically for the customer. I am proud of my attention to details, quality, and service.


Each situation is unique. Sometimes my clients know what kind of clothes they want, but sometimes they don‘t. They are sure just about one thing – the product must be confident, classic, refined. This means: made uniquely for the person. I am here to help every woman to create her style by designing clothes that perfectly meet her needs.

When you find your personal style, colours of choice, and dressmaker, you start saving a lot of time and energy. You do not need to follow fast fashion, do your shopping and try on a lot of clothes to find something which fits you perfectly.



“Fashion fades, style is eternal.“


– Yves Saint Laurent   

My Portfolio

My clients are real people who like to look good. Please take a look at the first professional campaign of my work and a few shots I made earlier.

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